What Have I Done?


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Evidence of effectiveness How have I influenced colleagues’ teaching Time


Evidence of Effectiveness Mentor Comments
A1 Designing and planning learning activities and/or programmes of study I designed and planned a programme of support activities for staff undertaking their CMALT certification which prepares them for the portfolio submission. March 2016 to Present In the 2 years I have been supporting the CMALT cohort 13 of 35 staff have completed their CMALT accreditation. This means that the University of Edinburgh now has the largest number of current CMALT holders of any institution in the UK. (see blog post for details) I support development of reflective practice by encouraging applicants to share and discuss experience of their work with technology to support learning and teaching. If they do not yet have adequate experience  I help them identify  how to gain additional knowledge and experience. March 2016 to Present The Final Evaluation Survey to members of the cohort after passing CMALT – 12 said “yes” to the question:  Would you recommend to a colleague that they take part in the University of Edinburgh CMALT cohort scheme. They report increased confidence in understanding and supporting teaching activities.
A2 Teaching and/or supporting learning I run group meetings, writing retreats and webinars for the CMALT applicants. also meet them 1-2-1 to provide additional support and provide feedback on portfolio drafts. March 2016 to Present From the Final Evaluation Survey (12 responses) –

Attending Group Meetings:
3 found of some benefit 8 really beneficial

Attending Writing Retreats:
3 found of some benefit 7 really beneficial


I role model good practice throughout my scheme. I help applicants draw out how their role supports teaching and learning so they can make an explicit connection in the portfolio. I use regular evaluation and act on the feedback I receive to improve my own teaching.


March 2016 to Present Positive Evaluation feedback: “I think it is also a great opportunity to discuss things with colleagues, their approach to structuring evidence and reflective part of the writing.”

CMALT Holders volunteered to present their portfolios to current applicants at meetings – showing increased confident in using and developing skills in learning, teaching.

A3 Assessing and giving feedback to learners I review portfolios of applicants before they submit them to ALT ‘for real’. I do this in the same way I do for real assessments (using the real form).

As a CMALT Lead Assessor I work with another assessor to assess portfolio submissions to the ALT guidelines. I provide written feedback to candidates on their outcomes.

March 2016 to Present

 Evaluation Q “Having your portfolio reviewed before submission to ALT”
10 rated as some benefit/really beneficial

Feedback from lead assessor I to me and to ALT:

“… Susan’s review was excellent, and I think would be of considerable value to the candidate…. the standard of her review I think is the best I’ve seen of the second assessors I’ve worked with.”

 As part of the ALT Membership Development Committee co-wrote review of assessors support, including moderation and assessment practice. Currently discussing implementing recommendations including feedback loop from candidates back to assessors.

I am also encouraging CMALT holders to become assessors – I recently held an event on this topic with an invited speaker.

March 2016 to Present 1 CMALT Holder has started to assess for ALT and several more are interested in taking this step.
A4 Developing effective learning environments and approaches to student support and guidance I support the CMALT candidates by offering regular meetings and writing retreats.


 March 2016 to Present





CMALT Applicants Group – Writing Retreat 6: Evaluation:

“Being part of a cohort, and learning about how other staff approach their roles, the kinds of issues they deal with, is really valuable. It helps me understand the bigger picture of what we’re doing, and gives me ideas about other ways of doing things.”

I  Learning Design workshops at programme and course level to explore values, learning outcomes, assessment  nd feedback strategy  and planning of courses and programmes – the workshops that I have facilitated at the University of Edinburgh (ELDER) directly influences the learning activities that participants will go on to use in their courses and programmes. Throughout 2017 – 18 Evaluation response to “I learned… ”
“Different ways of getting people to think about ideas, understanding of programme structure and design, that there was a lot of consensus amongst our group.”In response to “I would change… ”

“Nothing. It was one of the best workshops I have attended.”